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November 17, 2015

Ethnic Identity, Education, and Diabetes in Adult Latinos: Evidence of Ethnic Identity as an Underlying Mechanism of the Latino Health Advantage

Jeannie Concha, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow, Division of Epidemiology 


Family Medicine Scholars Training & Admissions Track

fmSTAT group fmSTAT is a dual admission program to the VCU School of Medicine.  It is designed for individuals who are certain upon matriculation of their goal to be family physicians.  The program is designed to nurture, develop, and support medical students who are committed to the pursuit of a family medicine career.  fmSTAT students will: 

fmSTAT graduates will serve the health care needs of communities everywhere.

Applying to the Program

To apply for fmSTAT, individuals must be offered a standard VCU School of Medicine supplemental application. In addition to a standard School of Medicine application and interview, fmSTAT applicants must also complete the fmSTAT supplemental application and interview process.  Up to 10 students will be selected for this scholars track each year.  

For More Information

Contact Judy Gary, MEd