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fmScholar Kathryn Gouthro’s Rotation in Yellowstone

Thu, 08 Nov 2018 11:28:00 EST

Kathryn Gouthro

M4 Kathryn Gouthro, a scholar in the fmSTAT track program, recently completed one of the more unconventional medical rotations when she spent a month at the clinics in Yellowstone National Park.  For Gouthro, the president of the Class of 2019, it was a homecoming; she grew up inside the park and visited those same clinics for her own medical care.  Seeing firsthand how the doctor was a vital part of the Yellowstone community itself spurred her interest in family medicine.  It seems a perfect fit, as her supervising physician and Yellowstone medical director Luanne Freer, M’88 noted, “She has this way of connecting with people.”

Once she completes a seven-year commitment with the Army after graduation, Gouthro hopes to makes these connections even stronger.  “I would love to be a rural family doctor. When you are it – when you are the only person available – you have the opportunity to really become a resource for the people there. You become part of the community, which is really a special thing.”

To read more about Kathryn’s time in Yellowstone, please see the article here.