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International/Inner City/Rural Preceptorship

Underserved populations photoThe International/Inner City/Rural Preceptorship (I2CRP) program is a 4-year longitudinal program for students who declare an interest in and commitment to working with medically underserved populations in urban, rural, or international settings. The program is designed to foster the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to provide high quality, compassionate care to underserved populations, and to increase the number of primary care physicians who practice in underserved areas. Students need not declare an interest in primary care in order to apply to the program, although the majority of program graduates do choose this path.

During the MS1 and MS2 semesters, students participate in:

During the third year, students complete core clinical rotations in community based, underserved settings in family medicine, pediatrics, adult medicine, and general surgery.

During the fourth year, students complete a community immersion month and a community based scholarly project.

Applying to the Program

Students who are enrolled in the VCU School of Medicine are eligible to apply to the program. Twenty-four seats are awarded within each class on a competitive basis. Students are accepted into the program based on a demonstrated interest in working with underserved populations.

Additional information is available by clicking here.

For More Information

Contact Mary Lee Magee, M.S. or Mark Ryan, MD

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