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Public Health Seminars:


Becoming the PI: Practical Grant Knowledge You Can Take to Any Institution

Post Award Grant Specialist



Vicki Humphreys photo Vicki Humphreys, MBA
Division Administrator
One Capitol Square, 817
Phone: (804) 628-2227

treleavenTN Thomas Treleaven, MBA
Department Administrator
West Hospital, 14-111
Phone: (804) 827-4163

Executive Assistants

Dana Rajczewski photo Dana Rajczewski, MLA
Executive Assistant to Dr. Kuzel, Chair
One Capitol Square, 631
Phone: (804) 628-0180


Educational Coordinators


Shana Ryman, M.S., Ed.
Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Family Medicine: Division of Epidemiology
One Capitol Square, 805
Phone: (804) 828-9785

ERINTN Erin H. Van Vleet-Jester
M3 Clerkship
I²CRP Program Coordinator
West Hospital, 14-116
Phone: (804) 827-3555

Finance and Travel Staff

Deidre Henley photo Deidre Henley, BSW
Fiscal Technician, Family Medicine
One Capitol Square, 6th floor
Phone: (804) 628-3424


Grant Specialists

Jeanine Giles-Larson
Post Award Grant Specialist
One Capitol Square, 814
Phone: (804) 628-3957


Research Associates

Rebecca Aycock, PhD
Assistant Professor
MyPreventiveCare and SPARC
One Capitol Square, 622
Phone: (804) 827-4121

Teresa Day Photo Teresa Day
Database Analyst
One Capitol Square, 627
Phone: (804) 827-0332

Martha Gonzalez Photo Martha Gonzalez
Qualitative Data Manager
One Capitol Square, 626
Phone: (804) 628-2959

nophoto W. Harris Middleton
Administrative Assistant
Family Medicine Research Team
One Capitol Square, 640
Phone: (804) 828-9626

Melissa Hayes photo Melissa Hayes
Research Manager
One Capitol Square, 624
Phone: (804) 827-4161

nophoto Nicole Johnson
Research Associate
One Capitol Square, 637
Phone: (804) 827-4124

nophoto Paulette Lail Kashiri, MPH
Research Associate
One Capital Square, 623
Phone: (804) 827-6750

Pamela Schwartz photo Pamela Schwartz, MS
Heart of Virginia Healthcare and
Grant Generating Project
One Capitol Square, 625
Phone: (804) 827-2762

Heather LiBrandi
Research Associate
One Capital Square, 620
Phone: (804) 827-4122