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Topic: The genetic and environmental etiology of cannabis use and misuse, and the relationship between cannabis, education and annual income |

Dr. Nathan Gillespie, Associate Professor, Psychiatry


Division of Epidemiology Faculty

Image of Dr. Kuzel

Anton J. Kuzel, MD, MHPE
Professor and Chair
One Capitol Square, Ste. 811
Phone: 804.828.9626


Lisa S.Anderson, MPH
Director of Educational Programs
One Capitol Square, Ste. 813
Phone: 804.628.2512

Diane BishopDiane L. Bishop, MPH
One Capitol Square, Ste. 5008
Phone: 804.628.2508

butteryC. (Kim) Buttery, MD, MPH
Clinical Professor
Home Office
Phone: 804.560.1478

chapmanDerek A. Chapman, PhD
Associate Professor 
‌One Capitol Square, Ste. 5014
Phone: 804.628.4055

Resa JonesResa M. Jones, MPH, PhD
Associate Professor 
One Capitol Square, Ste. 822
Phone: 804.628.2519

Juan LuJuan Lu, PhD, MPH, MD
Associate Professor
One Capitol Square, Ste. 826 
Phone: 804.828.9786

Dr. Masho photoSaba W. Masho, MD, MPH, DrPH 
Graduate Program Director
One Capitol Square, Ste. 821
Phone: 804.628.2509

Elizabeth C. Prom-Wormley, Ph.D., MPH

‌Elizabeth Prom-Wormley, PhD, MPH 
Assistant Professor
One Capitol Square, Ste. 820
Phone: 804.828.8154

‌Shawnita M. Sealy-Jefferson, Ph.D., MPH
Assistant Professor
One Capitol Square, Ste. 818
Phone: 804-628-4058

Dr. Zimmerman photo

Emily Zimmerman, PhD 
Associate Professor 
One Capitol Square, Ste 5035
Phone: 804.628.2462