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Public Health Seminars:


The 2018-2019 Seminar Series has ended. Thank you to all presenters and attendees!

Please check back for the 2019-2020 Series information.


Mission and History


The Department of Family Medicine was established in 1970 by the governor and General Assembly of the commonwealth and charged with the mission of preparing competent family physicians for the people of Virginia, while contributing to the knowledge that improves the quality of care they receive.  We have had tremendous success:  We have helped train thousands of medical students and approximately 1,400 family medicine residents.  Today, almost 1,300 of these individuals are practicing in rural, suburban, and urban Virginia communities and provide care for an estimated 2 million Virginians.

Our mission and scope greatly increased by virtue of our merger with the former department of Epidemiology and Community Health in February, 2013.  This has reinforced our abiding attention to care in the context of community, and has brought significant new research strength to the effort to improve population health.  The merger has added the established Masters in Public Health and PhD in Epidemiology programs to our educational mission.  It also positions us as potential leaders in the effective integration of primary care and public health – a challenge we gladly accept.  Please click on “Enhanced scope” at the left to learn more about the benefits of our larger and more comprehensive department.


The VCU Department of Family Medicine and Population Health exists to:

Vision Statement

The VCU Department of Family Medicine and Population Health seeks to be a leader in helping the people of Virginia and beyond achieve improved access to health care, improved health equity, and improved health outcomes.  Our vision is a world where all people are able to live healthier and happier lives through access to the best, most appropriate primary care and public health services that are grounded in the science of both family medicine and epidemiology.

Core Values

The VCU Department of Family Medicine and Population Health is a mission-driven department comprised of passionate people.  Collectively we value: