District of Columbia

AshleyCalifornia State University, Fullerton: Biochemistry with a minor in piano performance

Department: Class of 2025

Personal Interests/Hobbies:
rock climbing, playing piano, finding new music, visiting state capitols (have visited 10 so far!), and going to aquariums 

Medical Interests:
My medical interests are far and wide! I'm extremely interested in reproductive justice, gender affirming care, palliative care, procedures, and public advocacy. I hope to do a fellowship after my FM residency in one of these fields but hope to touch on all of these interests in my future practice 

Personal Statement:
My family medicine and broader medicine journey was inspired by my own family medicine doctor growing up in California. My FM doctor was the first person in the healthcare field to help me feel heard and cared for. Today, the reason why I'm pursuing FM is multi-factorial. When I imagine my future practice, I see an outpatient setting with some inpatient and true variety in my day-to-day!  At my core, I am someone who values deep and longitudinal relationships where I get to grow with my patients and help keep them healthy. My interests in social justice and public advocacy are amplified within FM as I believe these are also core tenets to the specialty. And lastly, because of my specific interests, and my desire to do almost anything and everything, FM is the best specialty to help me achieve my goals.

When I was accepted to fmSTAT it was a no-brainer! It's been an amazing 3 (and almost 4) years with fmSTAT and I've come away with further understanding of the breadth and depth of FM, connections within the field that are extremely valuable, and an understanding of what my core tenets are and how to start planning to have a career that is molded to fit me the best! 

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