Michelle Baer Dr Oz

Michelle Baer, a part time fitness instructor and nutrition coach, took the opportunity to intern with Dr. Oz for four weeks to help with the production and researching food safety, nutrition, & health trends for the show as well as to learn how to communicate vital information in a short span of time to those who need it.

Baer says, “I was really interested in finding out how he shares his information so that I can one day incorporate that into my own practice. We have all this knowledge as health care providers, but how do we best relay it all in a 10- to 15-minute appointment?”

Baer holds a bachelor’s degree in human biology, health and society from Cornell University, a master’s from Columbia University in human nutrition and metabolic biology, and is also enrolled in fmSTAT, the medical school’s Family Medicine Scholar Training and Admission Track that’s designed to develop and nurture students interested in family medicine careers.