Dr. Masho photo

Division Chair, Professor, teacher, and mentor Dr. Saba Masho passed away on May 28, 2018, after a lengthy illness. A vital member of the Division of Epidemiology (formerly known as the Department of Epidemiology and Community Health) since 2001, Dr. Masho served as an inspiration to countless faculty members, staff, and perhaps most importantly, graduate students. As family, friends, and colleagues gathered to celebrate her life, it became evident how many lives she impacted in myriad ways. In addition to the importance and far-reaching significance of her work, her guidance, friendship, and kindness were particularly meaningful to all who crossed paths with her.

We will honor her by ensuring that the Epidemiology Division that she chaired will grow and prosper, inspired by her memory.

We are working to create options for those who want to make donations in her honor. If you have any questions, please contact Dana Rajczewski | 804-628-0180.