Dr. Krist and the interdisciplinary team - which includes Tony Kuzel (Family Medicine and Population Health), Roy Sabo (Biostatistics), Steve Woolf, H ’93, (Family Medicine and Center on Society and Health), Paulette Lail Kashiri (Family Medicine), Marshall Brooks (Family Medicine), Jenn Gilbert (formerly Jenn Hinesley) (Family Medicine), Hannah Shadowen (MD/PhD student), Bruce Rybarczyk (Psychology), and Kristen O’Loughlin (Psychology doctoral student – Behavioral Medicine) – were awarded a grant in 2019 to help physicians more effectively create care plans for patients with multiple chronic conditions. A key part of that patient engagement will be helping patients and physicians work together to prioritize the patients’ individual health needs and link patients to community resources to help them make changes.

To learn more about this patient engagement work, read the full profile here.

Dr. Krist, a graduate of the VCU Fairfax Family Medicine Residency Program, is a faculty member at the Fairfax program, a practicing family physician, and a professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Population Health.